IntroducingThe Smart Fund

Enabling tech to support the creative industries

The Smart Fund is a proposal by culture industry organisations that will ensure creators and performers are paid fairly for their work when it is accessed, distributed and stored on digital devices. It does this by using funds from sales of electronic devices which copy, store and share creative content. Manufacturers pay a small fraction of the value of each device they sell into a fund that is paid out to creators.Leading manufacturers are already paying into similar schemes in 45 countries around the world, generating over £900 million a year for creators and performers.

The Smart Fund delivers

A sustainable and future-proof solution to supporting the UK’s cultural economy, without further drawing on public funds.

The Smart Fund will be a partnership between creators, technology companies and government.

The Smart Fund will drive digital innovation and creativity for the next generation.

Consumers can use and share content within the law, whilst ensuring that creators are paid fairly.

The benefit of the Smart Fund is that there is no cost to individuals, to taxpayers or to the government.

The Smart Fund is a no brainer. Currently there isn’t any effective way for creators to be recompensed when their work is downloaded and stored by audiences. The Smart Fund provides a way to invest in creative talent of all ages and backgrounds.

Yinka Shonibare CBE (RA), artist