What is
the Smart Fund

The Smart Fund is a scheme that enables technology manufacturers to work with the cultural industries to pay creators and performers for their work and support local economies by funding community projects throughout the UK.

Manufacturers pay a small fraction of the value of each device they sell into a fund that is paid out to creators and local community projects with a focus on digital creativity and skills.

The Smart Fund will generate two avenues of creative investment – firstly it will pay a return to creators and performers for the use of their works on digital devices, which will support their creative overheads. Secondly, it will establish a digital culture and communities fund to support creative digital schemes in local areas, helping them to recover and revive.

Generating between £250-300 million annually, the Smart Fund will help sustain creative livelihoods and transform communities.

Great ideas, like the Smart Fund, do not come along every day, certainly not ones that will deliver for our economy, for local communities and for Britain.

Sir Frank Bowling, artist

Payment for creators and performers

The UK is behind other countries in keeping up with technological developments.

Leading manufacturers are already paying into similar schemes in 45 countries around the world, generating over £900 million a year for creators and performers.

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You only have to look at what becoming a city of culture means in terms of the economic and regenerative impact to see the benefits brought by arts and cultural investments.

Stuart Semple, Bournemouth based artist

Enabling culture to drive social regeneration

In most of the 45 countries with a similar scheme, alongside the payment to creators and performers, deductions are made specifically for social and cultural funds.

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